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In our company, we use the tasks feature to assign RFQ's/(Deals) to employees. But we do not have the option to customize/edit the columns. We would like to edit the titles and the number of steps in the tasks feature so, we can more accurately show the status of a task.

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Completely agree. I have tasks I categorize under the different aspects of my job. Don't really care about having a pipeline for them, just want to be able to put them in categorizes and move them to the top if they are the most urgent. Right now I do that on EXCEL. Would be a lot better to do it on HS.

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Fully support this... The choice of columns today is definitely not enough. 


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 Agree, the task should have more columns for better organization.

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Yes, I would like to be able to add/edit more colums too: I definitely need COMPANY as a column and preferably INDUSTRY as well, so that I can batch my calls per industry before I start. Sometimes COUNTRY and LANGUAGE would be useful for us international sales people as well.


But just the ability to ADD and EDIT columns at will would make the Tasks much much much more useful...!




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Its insane that you do not have the option of a telephone number on the task dashboard like Salesforce, Pipedive and others. The fact that you have to OPEN the task to get the number to dial is rediculous. There should be an option to add the number so you can dial right away and THEN open the task. As a quick fix and work around, I manually add the number in my task. Added wasted time, but at least its visually present in all my tasks.

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This feature would be very useful as I would like to add more steps which match to our work flow. It would make it possible to manage tasks more accurately.