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Editing recurring tasks + Enable/Disable specific features for a group of users

Today is only possible to "delete"/"edit" a recurring task through going on each of the individually. 

I think it would be an invaluable tool to bulk delete/edit these tasks, like "Remove all recurring from selected tasks", or something like a filter I can put to actually SEE all my tasks with "X" or "Y" Status/Name/Association. 

The point that bothers me, also, is that this feature to "repeat task" is avaiable to everyone with acess to "tasks". Shouldn't there be a way to "disable" some features on my portals (like this "repeat task", or even, the creation of delas/Contacts, breaking/linking a contact to a deal)?

As my operation has quite a hard time using HS, I would love to see some of these features implemented.