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Editing notes on the mobile app

I'm confident the community would appreciate the ability to edit notes while using the mobile app. 

Currently I can only create a new note which creates additional entries not needed. 

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December 12, 2023 05:45 AM

Hi there, it is now possible to edit notes and all other logged activities on iOS and Android.

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Yes, this feature used to be enabled. Not sure when it changed, but it is frustrating not to be able to edit a note on mobile and have to remember to edit it on the desktop.


Edit and Reply. 

or change the Notes feature name and call it Stone Tablets 🙂 


This feature is how various staff share what's happening with accounts. App almost useless without this feature.


When our reps visit the "field" to meet with a client or prospect, they use the app on their company issued iPads.


Because they can't edit notes, some reps just don't log a note at all, or will "do it at the end of the day", basically making the system irrelevant (might as well issue them a notebook and pen.)


This seems like the most unnecessary change and downgrades the usefulness of the mobile app.... I wish there was at least an explanation from the dev team as to why they did this or some timeline on an upgrade that fixes the issue.


I use the HubSpot app every day, and it is very frustrating that I can no longer edit notes within deals. HubSpot - PLEASE enable editing notes on mobile devices!!!! 


Really outrageous!
I can delete (serious action) but not modify.
How can Hubspot R&D justify this decision?


Hubspot please.


This is still a big issue. In the latest version of the Hubspot iOS app,


1. Notes can be created within the app, but not edited. I'm finding it hard to understand this logic.

2. "Team notes" under meetings in the Meetings tab cannot even be viewed from the app, much less created or edited. (This one is a massive oversight considering you're pretty much out of luck if you're on the go and want to review the previous meeting notes before the next meeting)

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Commenting on behalf of a customer here.


Not having the ability to edit notes causes friction when lot of the sales rep use the mobile app when they are on the go.

Having have to add a new note each time they need to make a small edit leads to a messy record 😞 

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Hi there, it is now possible to edit notes and all other logged activities on iOS and Android.