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Editing notes on the mobile app

I'm confident the community would appreciate the ability to edit notes while using the mobile app. 

Currently I can only create a new note which creates additional entries not needed. 

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Yes, this feature used to be enabled. Not sure when it changed, but it is frustrating not to be able to edit a note on mobile and have to remember to edit it on the desktop.


Edit and Reply. 

or change the Notes feature name and call it Stone Tablets 🙂 


This feature is how various staff share what's happening with accounts. App almost useless without this feature.


When our reps visit the "field" to meet with a client or prospect, they use the app on their company issued iPads.


Because they can't edit notes, some reps just don't log a note at all, or will "do it at the end of the day", basically making the system irrelevant (might as well issue them a notebook and pen.)


This seems like the most unnecessary change and downgrades the usefulness of the mobile app.... I wish there was at least an explanation from the dev team as to why they did this or some timeline on an upgrade that fixes the issue.