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Editing a Contact to Non-Marketing



I would like to suggest another option in editing the marketing status of a contact. Within the contacts profile and under all properties, it would be convenient if the status could be changed within that menu since all other properties are allowed to be edited. It doesn't seem convenient that just about all other properties can be edited there except for the marketing status. 

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Please allow us to mark a person, right on their contact record, as "non-marketing contact" - it's crazy that we can't, and I can only do this trough a workflow that gets updated ONCE A MONTH. As our sales team follow up with people and we discover they're not the right contact but we don't want to delete them (to have another salesperson potentially reach out to them another time down the road) we need to be able to mark them as non-marketing contact right then and there! I've just spun up Hubspot at my new company and this is a really frustrating issue, as we're working in multiple systems still so as we bring existing prospects and customers over to Hubspot, we need to know whether they're a marketing contact or just a name to know but that we shouldn't reach out to.


Another option would be to put it on the action menu - so you can change back and forth.


I would also like to suggest when a contact is "non marketing" that there is a color change or a Bold Statement on the contact so you see that immediately!