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Editing Quotes after publishing

Editing Quotes after you send the quote to a customers is currently not possible. I find this kind of ridiculous, as people negotiate. People change their minds and have to remove items to fit budgets or change line item descriptions etc... 


Why can you not edit a quote once you have created it. I have to re-create the quote every single time.

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Huge Upvote from me, our quoting process starts from the discovery stage with a preliminary pricing proposal with extra items or certain parts to be determined.  We could obviously just copy comments and terms but that is a ton of extra work.  We also rename every quote so that will need to be changed to.  


We often have to edit the date the quote is good for and we have to create a new quote ev ery time for this. Please fix this feature!


Has there been no update on this?  I think this should be an absolute necessity and shouldn't be a major change.  I'm not sure why this wasn't included with the original release, it isn't complete without it.

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we really need this function! 🙂


We definitely need this!


Editing a published quote would be handy, but technically I think to allow the ability to clone a quote which results in a new one but with all the same details as the clone but not published to edit would make more sense.


Hey Hubspot Team!

We have recently started working with Hubspot and have also discovered that it is not possible to process existing offers.

At least the function "copy offer" would be useful to edit exactly this offer and send it back to the customer.

Which steps have to be taken to implement this "feature"?
Many thanks 🙂