Editable module IDs for drag and drop templates

I would love the ability to have editable module IDs ( I mean, the referal/unique module names like module_XXXXXXX that you can use to access the data like all_widgets.module_XXXXXX). It could be an editable field like the module alias or classes.  There it would have much more sense and will give us the ability to use easier and logical names for easy access.

It will solve for example issues when you need to swap the module for a different one, and will save some sanity!

I know its already possible on coded templates but I am forced to use d&d most of the times.

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Gonzalo Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner
Regular Contributor | Platinum Partner

I came across with this idea again. I would really like to see this implemented. It make our lives more easy and will potentially solve several heavy issues such:

  • No need to check dev tools that much (or the DOM) because you already know the name of the module.
  • Will potentially solve heavy errors when you need to swap a CM without losing content in live pages.
  • Will potentitally solve heavy errors when you need to swap templates for live pages (as you can give the module id from the prev template).

So, give me your kudos guys!
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