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Edit the contents of the identity verification email from Quotes

The below email is sent as a verification method to who wants to sign your quotes. Currently this email is standard: The contents of this email can't be changed. However, especially since it's now possible to create fully customized document-templates in HubSpot, it would be extra helpful to be able to customize this email as well. For example, when you create a custom document which is not a quote, you might want to change the word 'quote' into 'document' or something else.


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This is especially critical for Hubspot Accounts with Business Units as the e-signature feature becomes almost useless if the branding can't be customized per the business unit involved in the transaction/agreement. 


Agreed! We're trying not to use the word 'quote' in our contracts that we send. These are proposals, contracts or agreements and would like to make sure the language is the same. 

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Commenting on behalf of a customer: In addition to this, we should be able to translate the language on these emails as well. 


When we have a quote template in another language than English, it's strange to have a English e-mail as a part of the signing prosess. "Quote" is word not easy to understand / translate into (some) other languages. And on top of that we have 8 business units with very different branding and naming. This standard set up will be very confusing for the potential customer and even make it more difficult to have them signing.