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Edit the Name of Invoices

Currently, Hubspot does not allow its users to edit the full name of the invoice, only the prefix. If one wants to customize the name of the invoice, they would need to go into settings and change the prefix before they create an individual invoice. And again, this only changes the prefix, not the title of the invoice itself. This makes organization and tracking of invoices extremely difficult when a company is using Hubspot to bill out to multiple clients. Extremely inefficient and micromanaged- I recommend allowing and trusting companies to input their own invoice names. I also recommend you allow companies to edit or delete invoices. If a typo is made or a test is sent out, it cannot be edited or deleted and just sits forever in your invoice section. While I understand the need to create restrictions around the collection of revenue for future tracking and auditing purposes, this should not be monitored by Hubspot. Each company is responsible for its own financial information, and should be allowed to name it, edit it, and remove it from view if needed.