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Edit properties from filtered view

Often times I'm bulk editing data on our companies. Unfortunately, not everything can be done through a workflow (though I use those extensively too!). One of my absolute pet bug bears is that I need to click on each company in order to edit the property I want to edit even though it's on the display. Example below. 

Can I please have a way to edit the properties that are displayed in the columns I've chosen on the filtered list rather than needing to click into each company individually? It's a whole lot of unnecessary clicking and more than doubles the amount of time it takes me.



filtered view of companiesfiltered view of companies

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Hi @HelenRoss


This may not be the perfect solution but you are able to bulk edit properties from the contact or company views. 

More info here: How can I bulk edit contacts, companies, tasks or deals?


Hope this helps.


Hi Phil


Thanks for the idea. 


Unfortunately I'm not always changing them all to be the same thing (I've done some like that with workflows, and this will help for those kind of scenarios). What I find more of is that I'm looking at a few properties in particular, and the correct value is variable, so bulk editing isn't a possibility. 


Honestly, I'm really just looking for a way to reduce the number of times I need to click (and amount of times I need to wait for a page to load) to change the data I want to change


I couldn't agree more. It's so frustrating that the saved contact filters with different fields saved per filter are not editable in the list view. What's the point in having different contact filters if you have to go through the preview and search for the fields for each saved filter view. 




As an example of this functionality, in a Salesforce list, you can double click the data in the column you wish to edit for a given record and change it directly.


Very convenient and intuitive, which are not words I normally associate with SFDC.


Very much want this. +1!


This would be so helpful! It's pretty painful for our users to have to go into each individual record to edit when looking at a list. One example of this would be when we're doing pipeline clean up - we might have a list of all the deals with a particular property missing, but each individual deal might have a different answer. Reps have to click into the deal, find the relevant property, edit it, save, and navigate back to the filtered list to continue - it feels like a lot of unnecessary clicks.


This is a start.  While in a list of any kind it would be nice to edit any property shown within the list property field.  It's really a nice function I use quite a bit in Outlook.  Even somthing as simple as a correction permits this to be done with less clicks. 


+1, it'd be easier to get Sales to keep things updated if it could just be done from the list views.

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I do the majority of data management for my company and the fastest way I have found is to export the long list, make changes in excel and re-import using the object ID to make sure I get the info to the right record.  Depending on the length of the list this will save you some clicks & time.  



btw, is this post really from 2017? 😮 this is so basic in other systems...