Edit form labels for meeting links


Posting on behalf of a customer: 


We would really like to be able to customise the meeting form questions (similar to that functionality in the forms tool). 


This would better help us customize the questions without having to create multiple properties. 


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On behalf of customer, 

Ideally, if the form feature within meeting link can be the same as the normal HubSpot Form tools - allow editing/customization of the form fields. 

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I have a customer who needs the same!

My customer would love to have all features available in the forms editor.




Same problem here. We're using the meeting link in Finnish but when adding a custom property into the form as a question, it's displayed in English as that is the language used when creating the property. Would be great if the form field was editable/translated so the property could be used in this form as in all other forms throughout HubSpot. 



Same problem here. We're using the meeting link for demo requests. Booking a meeting changes the contact's lifecycle stage to MQL and creates a deal. However, we need 2 very specific questions answered and just putting the property label there won't cut it. I don't get why forms for a meeting would be so much different from forms in general... 

I see two workarounds that I personally find way too messy:
1. Renaming my properties label to a full-length question. They are being used by other people / in other places.
2. Creating new properties with the full-length question as a label and create a workflow to have them sync with the existing ones. Messy. Too messy.

Let's get this thing updvoted!


I agree. This needs to be changed asap and allow removal or modification of the required form fields for booking a meeting.


It's shocking that this hasn't been fixed yet.