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Edit existing Campaign name

Would be helpful if you could edit the name to a campaign. It is currently uneditableHS Idea 2.PNG


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April 20, 2021 09:02 AM

Hi all, thank you to those that helped us test this feature out, I'm pleased to share that it's now been released to all portals. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

In Beta
March 23, 2021 10:15 AM

Hi all! As Joe had just posted, we've just opened up a beta allowing renaming of Marketing Campaigns. As impossible as it might seem, we've been chipping away at this feature since my last update, almost non-stop. This update required us to completely re-engineer how a lot of the core structure of Campaigns worked, to allow us to divorce the campaign name as the primary ID for the campaign. 


The result is that it is now possible to rename a campaign, and while we've done our best to ensure that the current behaviour of Marketing Campaigns is still intact there's still a possibility that some reporting data could change when a campaign name is changed. As a result, we'll be taking this beta somewhat slow to ensure it works as expected. 


If you're interested in getting access to this beta, you can submit your portal ID(s) here:


All that we ask is that you let us know here if anything doesn't work as expected or if there's anything missing you'd like to see.


How it works

A quick rundown of what you'll find when you get access, clicking Actions > Edit on any campaign will now show a new sidebar panel where you can edit all the details of the campaign, including the name: 


A practical example of this, if a you created a campaign call "Campaign Old" and then renamed it to "Campaign New", when it was initially created a utm_campaign value would be created and associated with it called "campaign+old", and when it was renamed, an additional utm_campaign called "campaign+new". Moving forward, both utm_campaign values are associated with the campaign, so any old or new traffic on URLs with utm_campaign=campaign+old or utm_campaign=campaign+new will be associated with the same campaign in HubSpot.


Once renamed, any references to that Campaign inside the app will automatically update (i.e. assets will show as being associated with "Campaign New") and any tracking URLs built inside the Tracking URL Builder app in HubSpot will automatically update to use the new utm_campaign value.


Getting access

If you're interested in getting access to this beta, you can submit your portal ID(s) here:


Requests will be actioned once every business day, so it might take a day before you see the update in your account. Please let us know if you see any issues as you try it out.

In Planning
May 22, 2020 10:41 AM

Hi all, have an exciting update for you here, this is actively in development and should be live in June. We're not quite at the beta stage yet, but not far off and when we get there I'll open it up to you all. 


An explainer on what this will look like, today the campaign name in HubSpot direclty links to the utm_campaign for tracking URLs, that's how we know how to match the two together. This has meant that renaming a campaign would cause historic data to be lost. What we're working on is the abiltiy to rename a HubSpot campaign and associate an additional utm_campaign with it matching the new name.


An example, my campaign was called "May 2020 Webinar" meaning the utm_campaign for it was may_2020_webinar. Let's say it we change it from a webinar to a QnA session, we can now change the campaign name to "May 2020 QnA" and HubSpot will create a new utm_campaign for it matching may_2020_qna, and will also keep the old may_2020_webinar utm_campaign attached so none of the old data is lost. Going forward you'd be able to use either utm_campaign and all the data will roll up to the same HubSpot campaign. Does this align with how you'd expect it to work?


Additionally, I'd love to learn more about how you're currently using the Campaigns app and other places we could improve. If you have a little time I'd really appreciate if you could check out this survey and share your thoughts: 


Thanks again for your feedback.

Re: Edit existing Campaign name - changed to: In Planning
January 04, 2019 01:03 PM

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I agree with you here, it's difficult to organize campaigns when they use different naming conventions. 


We can rename virtually everything within hubspot with the exception of a few key things.


One of those is a campaign.


It is frustrating when we make a campaign and name it after a persona and a downloadable offer, then after some time spent writing blog posts realize we want to change the offer for our campaign but cannot rename it to reflect the new offer d/l !



 Yes please!


I agree. I would love to be able to adjust goals. Sometimes these 3 goals don't best depict what we are trying to accomplish in a campaign. Thanks. 


You would do us a HUGE favor if you could enable the ability for us to edit campaign names.


I realize they stay in place for tracking purposes, and adjusting the names would ultimately influence the URLs that are being associated to those campaigns, but even if you could create a campaign "API Name" which never changes, but the actual title in the campaign manager is editable.


We're trying to establish a naming convention for all of our campaigns to keep them organized, but I can't go back and edit old ones, so I'm stuck with inconsistent naming conventions for historical campaigns.


I fully agree! For us it would be helpful to see the generated MQLs, not the customers. In the end, yes, a possibility for customazation would be necessary. 



Agreed! Beyond just editing the name, it would be great if we could merge 2 or more campaigns to group data when it doesn't make sense to have them separated anymore. I'll create a new idea for this.

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yes please - edit name and merge campaigns urgently needed!


This would be very helpful! When we first started setting up campaigns we didn't have a set naming convention, now that we do it would be nice if I could rename so that everything is consistent. 


This would be super helpful!  Sometimes the first idea istn't the best idea for a campaign name.

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+1. Indeed we need editing campaign names sometimes!

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This idea looks like it has lost some steam...but this would be super helpful!

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This feature would be extremely helpful. I can't believe we cant edit that.




Yes Please!!!


How is this not implemented yet? So cumbersome to do any type of platform clean up and implement new naming conventions without this functionality. The campaigns tool has so much promise but comes up just short enough to be ineffective. Come on HubSpot! I know you are reading this. 

HubSpot Product Team

Just wanted to reemphasis that this still would be helpful! Thanks! 


It seems like an oversight that this wasn't in there from the beginning. I'm transitioning from one person managing HS to another and its not great to saddle them with a naming convention system that doesn't make sense to them!


Absolutely need this feature!!!