Edit existing Campaign name

Would be helpful if you could edit the name to a campaign. It is currently uneditableHS Idea 2.PNG


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I agree with you here, it's difficult to organize campaigns when they use different naming conventions. 

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We can rename virtually everything within hubspot with the exception of a few key things.


One of those is a campaign.


It is frustrating when we make a campaign and name it after a persona and a downloadable offer, then after some time spent writing blog posts realize we want to change the offer for our campaign but cannot rename it to reflect the new offer d/l !


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 Yes please!

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I agree. I would love to be able to adjust goals. Sometimes these 3 goals don't best depict what we are trying to accomplish in a campaign. Thanks. 

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You would do us a HUGE favor if you could enable the ability for us to edit campaign names.


I realize they stay in place for tracking purposes, and adjusting the names would ultimately influence the URLs that are being associated to those campaigns, but even if you could create a campaign "API Name" which never changes, but the actual title in the campaign manager is editable.


We're trying to establish a naming convention for all of our campaigns to keep them organized, but I can't go back and edit old ones, so I'm stuck with inconsistent naming conventions for historical campaigns.

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I fully agree! For us it would be helpful to see the generated MQLs, not the customers. In the end, yes, a possibility for customazation would be necessary. 


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Agreed! Beyond just editing the name, it would be great if we could merge 2 or more campaigns to group data when it doesn't make sense to have them separated anymore. I'll create a new idea for this.

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yes please - edit name and merge campaigns urgently needed!

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This would be very helpful! When we first started setting up campaigns we didn't have a set naming convention, now that we do it would be nice if I could rename so that everything is consistent. 

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This would be super helpful!  Sometimes the first idea istn't the best idea for a campaign name.