Edit existing Campaign name

Would be helpful if you could edit the name to a campaign. It is currently uneditableHS Idea 2.PNG


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Yes, we need it, too!

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I agree, I just wanted to edit the name of one campaign and I hope I will be able soon. Smiley Happy 

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We need this feature! We think it's something basic!

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HubSpot Employee

Please make the label of the campaign not the same as the value used to populate the utm if possible, thank you:-)

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Must be able to rename campaigns. NO-ONE starting out with HubSpot has their naming conventions sorted out... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN SOON.

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How is this not a thing yet? Please make it happen - it is much needed.

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This is important for us also! We have some legacy campaigns where we've moved to new ones and due to older names or something being named similarly to a different campaign, we've run into issues where people have added things into the wrong campaign not realising it was the legacy campaign that we were keeping for data-only.

Being able to edit and add '[ARCHIVED]' or '[LEGACY]', for example, would mean there was much less confusion.

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Surely this could be sorted out.  It's a huge deal when your team start off with a name and then it needs to change for some reason so that campaigns are not used incorrectly. HubSpot is all about the data yet this critical feature to help show the follow of efforts becomes problematic when the wrong campaign is used. Also, the ability to merge would also be great. 


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Hi HubSpot team - is there any update on this?

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I can totally agree here - renaming campaigns would be great, even if the utm tags stay the same.