Edit existing Campaign name

Would be helpful if you could edit the name to a campaign. It is currently uneditableHS Idea 2.PNG


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jules_ideagency New Contributor | Platinum Partner
New Contributor | Platinum Partner

+1. Indeed we need editing campaign names sometimes!

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This idea looks like it has lost some steam...but this would be super helpful!

therobert Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner
Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner

This feature would be extremely helpful. I can't believe we cant edit that.

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Yes Please!!!

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How is this not implemented yet? So cumbersome to do any type of platform clean up and implement new naming conventions without this functionality. The campaigns tool has so much promise but comes up just short enough to be ineffective. Come on HubSpot! I know you are reading this. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Just wanted to reemphasis that this still would be helpful! Thanks! 


It seems like an oversight that this wasn't in there from the beginning. I'm transitioning from one person managing HS to another and its not great to saddle them with a naming convention system that doesn't make sense to them!

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Absolutely need this feature!!!