Edit deal cards

Editing what apears on a deal card.

E.G. Not seeing the "due date" but a "last moved" can assit understand fast when the deal card was last moved between segmnets of the pipline. 


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Would be good to have that information for deal progress monitoring and workflows/tasks.


At the moment I am populating custom properties with each month“s state of a deal (weighted amount in company currency) in order to see if deals progress as planned or simply travel from one to the next w/o a stage change that increases the expected weighted amount.


Logically, this is not scalable thus only visualized in a report for deals >100.000€.


@EdenAllel ‘s request could potentially be the more elegant way achieving the same, especially in enterprise sales where sales cycles may be longer.

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Agree. It would be possible to add other properties than the one is visible today to show on the Deal card under Deals and contact/company. Company nane and Pipeline is susch properties that would be very useful to see.