Edit & create products inside quotes + Option for product + hyperlink in description

I suggest:


- Being able to add -while inside a quote- a product that does not exist in the product library (and that you don´t want it to exist there).
- Being able to have "optional" products that the client might decide -with a click of a button- to add them to the quote.

- To allow hyperlinks in the product description so we can give to the client a better description in that linked page.

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hyperlinks in the product description would be usefull to us too to link to specification sheets or images.  

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Some times the customer needs a little reminding of what you've quoted them. Hubspot products ABSOLUTLEY needs a way to hyperlink within a product description both via the link, or when exported to a PDF.


There's a huge preference in the medical field to just provide a PDF they can send up and down for purchase approval so having the hyperlink only work from app.hubspot just wont work.