Edit Settings "owned only" - found work around

Hi HubSpot,


Im a little surprised that an user is able to assign contacts to himself or someone else which he doesn't own. Bij allowing an user to assign contacts to themselfs, users are in practice assigning the permission (owned only) to edit a contact themselfs. Even if an user has the permissions edit "owned only".


An user can assign themselfs to a contact and start editing the contact. This means an user can by pass the edit "owned only". I don't think this is a setting which makes sense.


In the attached screenshot, user Gianluca assigned both contacts without being the owner. He assigned one contact to me and the other to himself. Please check the HubSpot owner history for details. Do you agree that this is undesirable behaviour? How can we restrict an user from assigning contact which he doesn't own?


Of course, you can apply the feature "View only". In my opinion the "View: Owned only" is an option to mitigate the risk of users assigning themselves but takes away the flexibility of viewing all contacts. Giving users the option to assign contacts while they do not own them, diminishes the permission option "owned only".


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