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Edit Quote after created

Having a quoting engine where you can edit quotes after they have been sent.  These issue is preventing us from using Hubspot and instead using Pandadoc

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Hey @codywarner! Our ideas forum functions best when each idea is it's own submission so we can accurately gauge customer interest in each peice. I'm updating this idea to specifically be for the ability to edit Quotes after they are generated.


Hi @hroberts,

I would love to be able to edit quotes after they have been sent instead of having to create a brand new quote each time a small change is necessary. Often the amount or scope changes after negotiation. Can you let me know if this is something that you are working on or have planned for future. 




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Yes please to be able to edit and delete. It's basic functionality that's needed, especially as there is no unique reference number created when a quote is generated so it's very easy to get quotes mixed up.


Is there any update on this?  I don't know how any company would use the quoting system without ever needing to edit a quote so it seems like this should be treated as more of a bug/defect in the product than it is an enhancement request.


I'm very surprised that this hasn't already been fixed. Anyone who wouldn't find this feature useful sells one product and one product only. We sell dozens and each has different option the customer can choose from. Having to start all over on a quote with a large numbr of items and options is a huge waste of time. Give the edited copy a rev number, or another number, and save the original, but for Pete's sake let me edit an existing quote! Hubspot: You've done so much right, how in the world did you drop the ball on this?



Absolute absolute must for us.  We send out quotes with the idea that they will be revised and provide optionality when possible.  The need to recreate a quote and change something is really slowing us down.

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How in the world is this not fixed yet? We can't use the quote tool and our clients can't use the quote tool -- and by extension - will not purchase the enterprise software - until we have the ability to edit outstanding quotes. I guess it's back to Proposify... 

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Hello, this idea is in planning. I would love to get more details on this request. Please share your answers via this brief survey:




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really awaiting this feature 🙂


Our team has been using the Quotes feature in CRM a lot lately, loving the simplicity of it. However, one thing that keeps coming up is there is no editing capability. So for example, when we send a quote, and the customer wants something adjusted, we have to create an entire new quote and cannot edit the existing one. Would be nice to have the editing feature.


We awaiting this feature to start to use the hubspot quote 


Yes. This is a must have. Our deal are often in process for years (very long lead times) and almost always have changes to the scope, or price, or details. We need revision control/capability on Quotes.


Hi There!

It's a major drawback to not be able to edit an existing quote. Negotiations/redlines are a natural and necessary step in the deal process. It's not a feature, from a business perspective, it's a must have. Would be happy to further discuss business cases if needed! Please keep us posted on addressing this. Thank you.


I am checking to see if there are any updates on this idea.  I generate quotes through HubSpot daily and the one thing that I truly need is the ability to go back and edit a quote rather than having to start over.  Typically the requested changes are very simple.  It's a huge time-sucker to re-do the entire quote (terms/products etc) just to change a quantity or add an additional term/condition or contact...


Thank you for submitting this idea. All of my clients would like this functionality. I agree that Pandadocs is a better alternative until HubSpot includes this functionality. 




This request/idas was initially posted "codywarner" on June 2018. It's now October 2019 and HubSpot still hasn't resolved this issue. How difficult is it for your engineers to fix this issue? I’m surprised and disappointed that quotes are neither downloadable before being published OR editable after it’s published.


This is beyond frustrating as it wastes so much time, specially when I have to create 2 different quotes for the same project. HubSpot, have you actually tried to go back and create 2 new quotes after 2 quotes have published while each of them have 20+ items? Do you know what happens when you create a new quote? It merges all of the hardware from the last 2 published quotes and now you have 40+ items on the new quote you’ve created.


Our company needs to know how long it will take for Hubspot to implement and add this feature? We are generating quotes on daily basis and can’t afford to waste hours every day recreating quotes from scratch every time. It’s very critical for us to be able to BOTH download a .pdf version of the quote before publishing it so we can discuss it with the team or customers AND ALSO being able to edit an existing quote. If HubSpot can’t correct this problem very soon, we will close our account and move forward with another tool like D-tool or PandaDoc, which does allow this. Please forward this request to your executive team and I’ll be more than happy to discuss this issue with them over the phone.


Quotes need to be editable so even if all goes well and no changes are requested (customer accepts the offer as is, no change in number, price, discount, invoicing address, contact person, etc), they still may send the purchase order and the PO number needs to be added to the quote. So Finance could issue the invoice using only the final quote, containing all relevant information.

If a different quote needs to be issued for this (current practice), the quote number will change again and won't have the right cross reference with the customer - they would have the previous quote's number for their purchase order.


good idea! would be great to have it!


It would be really helpful to sales and account managers if the expiry date of a quote could be extended.


When creating a quote there are options to set the expiry for 30 days, 60 days etc so these options are frequently used.


It is also preferable to setting a shorter deadline for quote expiration as it helps to focus the customer on a timescale for placing an order.


If the deal then does not close within 30 days the customer can no longer access the link to the quotation.


The only option then is to create a brand new quote with all of the same details, as there is no way to extend or clone the existing quote.

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Is there an update on this? We would love the ability to edit/revise quotes. As anyone in sales knows, it is a rare occasion that a potential customer/client accepts the quote on the first submission. There are always changes/additions, and sometimes these changes and additions are extremely minor, but they still need to be made before approving. I would pay thousands in HUB Bucks to make this happen.