Edit Quote after created

Having a quoting engine where you can edit quotes after they have been sent.  These issue is preventing us from using Hubspot and instead using Pandadoc

HubSpot updates
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We awaiting this feature to start to use the hubspot quote 

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Yes. This is a must have. Our deal are often in process for years (very long lead times) and almost always have changes to the scope, or price, or details. We need revision control/capability on Quotes.

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Hi There!

It's a major drawback to not be able to edit an existing quote. Negotiations/redlines are a natural and necessary step in the deal process. It's not a feature, from a business perspective, it's a must have. Would be happy to further discuss business cases if needed! Please keep us posted on addressing this. Thank you.

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I am checking to see if there are any updates on this idea.  I generate quotes through HubSpot daily and the one thing that I truly need is the ability to go back and edit a quote rather than having to start over.  Typically the requested changes are very simple.  It's a huge time-sucker to re-do the entire quote (terms/products etc) just to change a quantity or add an additional term/condition or contact...