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Having a quoting engine where you can edit quotes after they have been sent.  These issue is preventing us from using Hubspot and instead using Pandadoc

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey @codywarner! Our ideas forum functions best when each idea is it's own submission so we can accurately gauge customer interest in each peice. I'm updating this idea to specifically be for the ability to edit Quotes after they are generated.

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Hi @hroberts,

I would love to be able to edit quotes after they have been sent instead of having to create a brand new quote each time a small change is necessary. Often the amount or scope changes after negotiation. Can you let me know if this is something that you are working on or have planned for future. 




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Yes please to be able to edit and delete. It's basic functionality that's needed, especially as there is no unique reference number created when a quote is generated so it's very easy to get quotes mixed up.

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Is there any update on this?  I don't know how any company would use the quoting system without ever needing to edit a quote so it seems like this should be treated as more of a bug/defect in the product than it is an enhancement request.

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I'm very surprised that this hasn't already been fixed. Anyone who wouldn't find this feature useful sells one product and one product only. We sell dozens and each has different option the customer can choose from. Having to start all over on a quote with a large numbr of items and options is a huge waste of time. Give the edited copy a rev number, or another number, and save the original, but for Pete's sake let me edit an existing quote! Hubspot: You've done so much right, how in the world did you drop the ball on this?


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Absolute absolute must for us.  We send out quotes with the idea that they will be revised and provide optionality when possible.  The need to recreate a quote and change something is really slowing us down.

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How in the world is this not fixed yet? We can't use the quote tool and our clients can't use the quote tool -- and by extension - will not purchase the enterprise software - until we have the ability to edit outstanding quotes. I guess it's back to Proposify... 

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Community Manager
updated to: In Planning

Hello, this idea is in planning. I would love to get more details on this request. Please share your answers via this brief survey: 





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really awaiting this feature Smiley Happy

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Our team has been using the Quotes feature in CRM a lot lately, loving the simplicity of it. However, one thing that keeps coming up is there is no editing capability. So for example, when we send a quote, and the customer wants something adjusted, we have to create an entire new quote and cannot edit the existing one. Would be nice to have the editing feature.