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Edit Goals in Forecasting

At the moment you can't add more team members to an exisiting goal and are required to create a new goal each time. The ability to add a memeber each time would be very handy as it's an available option for all other parts of HubSpot

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I've 100% had this same issue. It's annoying to have to manually create a new goal for each hire we make (at least 1/week). Give me the ability to create a forecast goal similar to the permissions profiles and that would be great. 


Ideally, I could have a goal for each of my sales roles and then just set the start month and you're good to go. For example our standard rep follows the same ramp and goal structure of $0/$5k/$10k/$15k for their first four months then they continue at the $15k rate indefinitely. Just let me set up this structure, apply it to the new hire's name, and select the month to start the ramp and it should auto-populate the remaining months.


This should be fairly simple to build (I'm not a dev so what do I know) but would provide big time savings to admins using the forecasting tool.