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Edit Deal Entered Stage Dates

I am suggesting that it should be possible to edit the "Entered Stage X" dates in deals. If a rep falls behind in tracking their deals through the appropriate stages it would be great if it was possible to change the date to the actual closed-won date for example rather than the automatically system generated date they updated the stage?

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Would like to see this (even if only through the API).  When you fall behind updating your deals, you generally either have to choose between not moving a deal through all the stages (and so skewing conversion stats) or moving them through retroactively (and so skewing your time in each stage stats).


I agree with this request and I would like a way as an admin to update the Entered Stage Date. I have reports that use this field and sometimes there are deals that for whatever reason were not entered into HS. In order to get accurate reports, these deals are put in after the fact. However, I am looking for accurate historical reporting for business closed in a particular month or quarter or even year. Unfortunately, this is not possible at this time. 

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I do agree with you, it would be very useful,

I m wondering if we can export / correct data / import ?


Hello all,

Bumping this idea and adding that the ability to create a deal at a later stage, but being able to add start date and stage conversion dates would be helpful and could help with this issue as well.



Agreed. My reporting depends on these numbers and if the dates aren't accurate, my numbers aren't either. This would be so helpful! 


This would be very helpful to have as an option - It would also be beneficial to see the standard entered stage date fields available in lists.


We have just migrated from another CRM to HubSpot. Now, we cannot see the sales funnel in dashboards because we can't change the dates retroactively. This is a very important feature for us to have.


I need this, as a new company that is starting to build its backoffice we depend a lot on our Sales Reps to update Hubspot religiously, however if one makes the mistake to update a deal stage by a week then our reports are hurt. Same thing if they skip stages, then the funnels don't work anymore.

I wish they would work on this, so every single company could rely on HS Reports.


It's so important!!! 


My team is also looking for a way to edit the date a deal changes stages. Rep's do not always move their deals in a timely manner, and this skews our data if we can't edit the correct date.


yes 100% need this !  Reps are not always timely and this throws reporting all over the place. 


Great Idea.  Absolutely vital for accurate and efficient  Sales Funnel usage. @hubspot 


Totally stand behind this. Back when we were using Pipedrive, this was already a major pain point, and the work-arounds for that were quite complex. Having this feature in HubSpot would be a really nice addition!

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Hi team!

This would also be very helpful if customers imported a bunch of deals into specific deal stage but would like to change the "Entered deal stage" date.

This way, "Average time spent in deal stage" report can function properly.

Thank you!


We really need this feature!! Is there a reason it has been 3 years and has not been implemented yet? As someone upthread mentioned it makes the Deal average time spent in each stage data inaccurate - one of my timelines is 11 seconds and there is no way to change it. we cant be expected to update these items in real-time for every deal. 

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Minha cliente precisa alterar a data de entrada do estágio do negócio, pois a atualização do contato associado gerou uma alteração na etapa do negócio, o qual deveria poder ser revertida para refletir a data correta em que o negócio entrou numa etapa. Ter mais controle sobre isso seria de muita ajuda.


Would be really important and also about time that something happens here.

Be it for imports from the old CRM or if someone has to maintain. The correct data in the respective deal phases are really important for reporting and measures and should be able to be adjusted accordingly.

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This would be a great feature, especially when first importing past deal data and wanting to include past deal stage dates for reporting right off the bat.


Yes please! Very annoying currently


adding to the list of people wanting this. You can do it in other CRMs (ie salesforce) 🤔