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Edit Columns in Summarized Reports



When clicking (drilling down) into a summarized report of any type (column, bar, summary, summarized data table, pie, etc.). The  columns shown cannot be edited. It appears to be a default set of columns that cannot be changed in any way.


The top level of a summarized report can be edited, the lower / sub levels cannot be edited.


The default columns are not very useful for most of our users, and the columns needed would differ based on the report. Not being able to modify this is quite a surprise as it is rather basic functionality.







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i completely agree and this is creating issues for our users as well



I have the same issue regarding deleting some of the default data, like "email" and "create date", but you can somewhat control the data by editing the "selected properties" in the data section (not visualization)


I tried to do this today and when it couldn't be done, I spoke with a support person and they were shocked this was not available. From my experience, being able to edit columns, change the display oder, etc. is a super elementary task when building a report. I found this issue particularly frustrating when I built a custom report that turned out great...and then I couldn't edit the columns. My team is frustrated they have to sift through so many columns that are unnecessary. 

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This is a great idea-- we built a company report recently of parent networks. And the create date / first contact create dates visible when you drill down are useless in our case, would love to remove them but don't see a way currently 😕


I just sent in a support ticket today about this, and was notified abous this post.


Since we are able to edit the column order for normal reports, it seems very lacking that we're not able to do it for custom reports. This should be fixed.


Is there any update on this idea from the implementation team's side? Hubspot Customer Support says it doesn't look like it but that they do not have access to the information. 
Would be a neat feature to have and, as others stated before, seems kinda basic in development.


I ran into this issue this week and opened a ticket with Support. How in the world is this functionality lacking in the single object reporting? Why would I not be able to select which columns I want and in what order? I was shocked when I get them all organized in the Data tab but it didn't persist when drilling down via the Visualization tab. Please fix this, this is basic reporting functionality and a HUGE miss by the product team. 


I know this functionality exists in the custom report builder but unfortunately, custom reports aren't supported when using dashboard filters.