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Edit Blog Post Head Data Individually

Currently you can only edit the blog listing head and the blog posts head shared for all posts. It would be nice to be able to go into a post and edit that individual posts head information. 


1 example use would be to edit the social meta tags if you would like to preset an image that doesn't match the featured image or social descriptions that don't match the meta description.


There are numerous other specific situations where editing an individual posts head information would be necessary. The functionality could mimic that already used for website pages since you can edit each website page individually.

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yes please! i'll DM you my hubID

HubSpot Product Team

A big thank you to everyone who checked this feature out while it was in beta! We've now rolled this out to all eligible portals. For anyone looking to use this functionality, you can access it by navigating to Marketing > Blog > Create New Post or Edit an Existing Post, and then navigating to the Settings tab of the editor. I've attached a GIF demonstrating where to find this option. If you have any questions, please contact our fabulous support team! 


Example of using blog post header html.gif