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Edit Blog Post Head Data Individually

Currently you can only edit the blog listing head and the blog posts head shared for all posts. It would be nice to be able to go into a post and edit that individual posts head information. 


1 example use would be to edit the social meta tags if you would like to preset an image that doesn't match the featured image or social descriptions that don't match the meta description.


There are numerous other specific situations where editing an individual posts head information would be necessary. The functionality could mimic that already used for website pages since you can edit each website page individually.

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I think this is something mandatory. Especially for those who need to add hreflang tags (considering that hubspot doesn't support multi-language for blog COS yet)




Agreed, we'd love to add structured data markup to these pages...


This is the exact issue we are having with HubSpot.


The head section got locked out from us but social media adds/changes their meta data requirement every now and then. This means giving the ability to customise the meta data will give their user the flexibility to adapt to more social media rather than the very few that HubSpot supports.


I really need to know if HubSpot is well aware of this and their response if this is what they will be put in their task queue. If they keep on not acknowledging, I suppose they do not care about this and do not want to put resource to get it built.


+1, we need this feature.




this is really needed for the structured data and also for no-indexing any thin content which you may not wish to remove such as infographics of repurposed blogs 

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Great idea. Much needed feature.


This would be a great new feature.  We moved our blog to https recently, and as a result i have lost thousands of facebook likes on our articles.  Painful!!!

As i understand it, a way to resolve this is to add a specific og url tag in each blogs head tag.  

Please can you add this feature as soon as you can.  Thanks!


Really hope that this idea can be added. I want to noindex my blog post topics to improve thin content and even google suggests not using robot.txt and would prefer noindex html.


I don't want my blog post topics being searchable, or atleast the ability to choose like Yoast plugin on wordpress..


Guys!!! It's been TWO years since this was brought up... without the ability to do this we are better off hosting our blog on our own subdomain!


Please add this feature asap 🙂


It's impossible to add structured data without this feature!


Just ran into this as an issue today as I was trying to place unique pixels on individual blog pages. Would have never thought of this as an issue. This is a significant limitation to HubSpot and needs to be addressed now.


Agreed, this is a must-have for a blog... 

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Hi all! We are currently in the process of building a feature that allows for header HTML to be edited on individual blog posts.


When this functionality goes to beta, I will update the status here. At that time, if you and your team are interested in participating in the beta, please reach out to me via direct message with your portal's Hub ID.



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Necesito la posibilidad de utilizar etiquetas hreflang para los posts del blog y mejorar mi SEO


@tilly Do you have any update on this as the last info was from January? Thanks

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Hi @ricop - the team working on this had to temporarily shift focus to another project, but it still remains on our radar. We hope to start the beta in the next couple of weeks. We'll be sure to update this post when it's ready. Thank you for your continued patience! We're super excited about bringing this functionality to life. 

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Hey folks! This functionality is now in early beta. If you've already messaged Tilly with your portal ID about this Beta when it went into planning, we will be ungating your portal with this functionality this morning. 

If you haven't yet spoken with a member of our team about this beta and would like to have it added to your portal, please feel free to send me a direct message with your HubID! I will be going through and ungating portals once per business day, so if you've been waiting on this functionality and are excited to implement some structured data, noindex tags, tracking pixels, or the like on your blog posts I'd be happy to get you up and running. 


Can you please add me?