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Easy way to convert an a Follow-Up Email to an Automated Email

There are so many times when I clone an email that I like, edit it, have it all ready to go, only to find out that I accidentally cloned a Follow-Up email to a form and now I cannot actually send this email to Recipients or make it an Automated email. Very frustrating. There needs to be an easy way to simply click a button and change the Follow-Up email to a regular email or an Automated email. And vise-versa. There have also been many times I have cloned an Automated email or regular email, not realizing that it wasn't a Follow-Up email, which is what I actually needed. I then have to start all over and copy and paste all of the elements of the email into a new email that is the correct "type." It is a huge waste of time and very frustrating. Please redo the programming where we can create (or clone) an email and then choose whether it is a Regular email, an Automated email, or a Follow-Up email for a form. That would be fantastic! (And I'm not a newbie at this. You'd think I'd check out the "type" of email it is before I cloned it, but it's just not something I always think about ahead of time. Please don't make me!) 🙂

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I totally agree with you! It doesn't matter if we know the type of email or not, it's about creating a duplicated from scratch because we can't change the type of a cloned email that isn't an automated one, for example.

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Yes - I share your frustration - especially as I received the above screen prompt yesterday alerting me to the fact that follow-up emails are no longer supported/cannot be attached to a form on a LP...  you'd hope the HS functionality would be available if HS are directing us to do this in our portal(s).


Where did you get that prompt @AlisonGlaston? Looks to me like I'm still able to select a follow-up email for a form on a landing page

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Hi, I'm in beta ... so do ignore what I posted as it may not be effecting your (as its been causing me a few issues) an update is coming and I understand HS will explain how it all works in due course.