Easy access to Alt Text info in File Manager

An SEO audit has identified we have close to 1,000 images that should have alt tags. The best way to start tackling this monstrous task is to go into File Manager, select image and add alt text. Not go into web pages, select page, select image, select options, add alt text... very long winded.


This would help thank!

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I agree with this wholeheartedly! A global "Alt Text" field at the file manager level that defaults in every instance that image is used, but could be overwridden at the page level if needed. Great idea!


WordPress does this and I love it.

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Yes, this would be really helpful. It would also be great if it could apply to images used in social posts. Our customers have vision impairment, so good alt text that's consistent across platforms is essential. Not to mention, it's good for SEO, etc.

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Please look into this issue. It's super annoying to do that ^ lengthy procedure manually. Too time-consuming. Not user-friendly!!!

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