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On the Android app, we need all Marketing tools accessible. We need to be able to reach out to potential customers, schedule social media posts and retweet if needed. We would also like to manage and create blogs for the app as well.


We've attempted to use the re-tweet feature on the iPhone app but continue to receive errors. 

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I can't find any functionality on the iPhone app for social publishing. The marketing tab shows very basic email information only. What am I missing?

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Would love to see this as well (for both Android and iOS)! Could have a Sales Hub and Marketing Hub app. Marketing Hub should include the calendar, projects, blogs, landing pages, and social media. I would LOVE to schedule my social media on an app! Especially with Instagram...much easier to take a photo and create a post from my phone rather than coming back to my desktop. 


Projects would be nice to see to keep track of my to-do list on the go and add to it if I'm in a meeting. That plus the Calendar allows me to see what my week is like without having to get on my desktop computer. The Blogs and Landing Pages should include a simple editor and stat view. Even WordPress allows you to do some writing work on their app.


Everything is mobile-accessible now I'm surprised that HubSpot hasn't created this already! Even accessing the stuff on a browser on a phone isn't awesome! Where's the responsive-ness??