Easier process to get Certification help

Users that are getting certified that have a free account don't have access to support. The help articles aren't as detailed as desired and one of the options is to contact support, but, it's N/A for free accounts if everything fails you'd ask for help to academy at hubspot dot com BUT...you get a no-replay response.

Two hours trying to fix an issue about non-streaming video training, and anything is working. This kind of issues require an immediate solution, a better and more clear help roadmap for free accounts that are taking the training would avoid frustration and increase the perceived value of the brand. 

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Hey @fabiolamartinez - thank you for the feedback!

In order to keep our free products free, phone and email support are limited to paying HubSpot customers. As a free user, help is still available to you on the HubSpot community which is staffed by other HubSpot users and our Partners. This channel is also staffed by HubSpot employees to help with technical errors and setup.

Should you wish to pay for phone and email support, you can upgrade to HubSpot's paid products.


Support for the Academy tools, resources and certificates can be found here. This board is monitored directly by the Academy team, we are acitvely redesigning our site navigation to make this resource easier to find. 

I'm happy to help if you have any questions r.e. the above.

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Thanks, I completely understand, however, never got any response to solve my issue, not even in the board you mention. Apparently, the tech issue is related to the IP that suddenly has an error related to Wistia. I share the error with them, maybe they can fix it, it's about this:

I already finished my certification, but I don't have any interest to upgrade because I don't use HubSpot products.

Thanks for your help.

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I got an email response @roisinkirby from the Certifications Program, I explained all the tech situation because is something not covered anywhere. Good thing is that they will take a closer look to the glitch. Thanks again.