E-signature for quotes

Would be great to be able to have a native e-signature function for the new quotes add-on for Sales Pro. Currently the quote add-on allows for the addition of a signature, however, it forces the end user to print and sign and then scan and resend. Another option would be to download it and sign it via Adobe and send back.


It is counter-intuitive to deliver a quote via the web (URL link). Yet require a wet signature. 


Adding the E-signature portion to the quote AND allowing for that completed document to be delivered back into HubSpot would allow our sales team to bring the sales cycle to completion with a legally binding contract.

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E-signature for quotesHubSpot Product Team
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E-signature for quotesHubSpot Product Team
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Yes please!  An integration with docusign and other e-signature services as well, please, so if I am using them already I can integrate it here.

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+1! This would be an awesome feature to have as part of our workflow.

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I agree with everything Brandon said. 

E-signature integration update would make the quote add-on a crucial tool for our process.

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Well said Brandon. E-signatures are becoming the standard. This would be great for us as well.

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eSignature using Docusign would most likely be too difficult for our purposes. We would want to have a simple Accept Quote button that would store the details of who clicked its. 

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+100 - ideally either a native Hubspot esignature process or an easy integration with 3rd party esignature providers would be awesome. 

Although I'm a little nervous about how much we're using Hubspot, I would definitely use a native esignature tool.. 


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These third-party integrations are not great solutions since you have to save every HubSpot quote as a PDF and then upload to your favorite service. 


We need this to be part of the process when generating a quote and sending via the contract/quoting process. That you would integrate stripe so easily and not an e-signature feature is beyond me. These extra steps add up during the week. 

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The ability for an electronic signature is almost so essential to a quotes features that I'm surprised it was released without this. It's absolutely necessary, so important, upvoted x 1,000

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Doesn't Sales Enterprise include this feature? Should this be marked delivered?