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Would be great to be able to have a native e-signature function for the new quotes add-on for Sales Pro. Currently the quote add-on allows for the addition of a signature, however, it forces the end user to print and sign and then scan and resend. Another option would be to download it and sign it via Adobe and send back.


It is counter-intuitive to deliver a quote via the web (URL link). Yet require a wet signature. 


Adding the E-signature portion to the quote AND allowing for that completed document to be delivered back into HubSpot would allow our sales team to bring the sales cycle to completion with a legally binding contract.

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Here's another thread on it with 10 upvotes currently associated with it:



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@orangepegs agreed!


One workaround that I found if you're using PandaDoc. It's not ideal.. but it "works"


You can generate your quote in Hubspot w/ "line for signature" once quote is generated, you can "download quote".


From the PandaDoc integration, you can then upload the saved Hubspot quote, add a signature field, date, textbox, and then send the PandaDoc version over to the customer for signature. This still allows visibility into whats been opened, completed, etc.


Again. Very hacky and basic solution that might not work for your usecase, but seemed to work for ours until we can come up with a better solution.

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You can integrate with HelloSign or PandaDoc on Enterprise accounts. Which, to me, is a bit expensive for a basic feature.
Would be great to see Adobe Sign integration (16 EUR per month).