Dynamic URL for Design manager templates


When creating templates in design manager, particularly CSS templates, it would be useful to be able to generate a dynamic URL for this, similar to the way URLs are used in File Manager.


If you are integrating a third-party plugin, such as an iframe on your Hubspot hosted page, and you need to reference a stylesheet in the source code of that iFrame via the third party website, you could just grab the URL of your hubspot css template and link it in the source.


So for example, you are placing an iframe for a job hosting board on your site, and you want to be able to style that iframe using your "main-theme.css" template as the linked stylesheet. The job hosting service could place in their source code the URL to your design manager template "main-theme.css".


This way, you could edit the css file in template builder, then refresh your page, and see the changes immediately, without having to re-upload a css file to file manager.

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Jun 22, 2017

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
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