Dynamic Last Contacted Date Filter i.e. Greater Than

Option to have a report filter that can filter deals by a dynamic last contacted date.

i.e. last contacted date is greater than 7 days


At present you can only do this by a hard set date (which becomes redundent) OR against individual contacts, which is not helpful where a deal has multiple contacts associated to it. 


An option to filter deals by "last contacted date is greater than n days" will provide the ability to prioritise deals where no contact has been made with any associated contact within the last 7 days for example.



HubSpot updates

Just surfaced the same issue to HubSpot Support team - one of their friendly staff Rohan (I believe from the APAC suppoert team) suggested a workaround which is to create a separate property (could be a simple checkbox) that is not the native "Last contacted" property and link it to a workflow. For instance, let's name this new property created "Last contacted more than n days ago".


For example, for the workflow, have the deal enrollment trigger to be the native "Last contacted" property to be more than 90 days ago, and the subsequent step would be to set a deal property say for example a custom deal propert called 'Last Contacted more than 90 days ago' as 'Yes', or check the single checkbox. You can then create an active list where criteria would be if checkbox is checked/known. (Thanks Rohan for the screenshot)!


Nonetheless, even with this workaround, I agree the native functionality should be built.