Dynamic Image Cropping for Social

When uploading images for social sharing, it would be awesome if we did not have to upload a separate image for each social platform since most of them have different size requirements.


The cropping tool should auto-crop any uploaded image to the idea size for whichever platform it is being posted on.


Possibly, it could then save each size separately in the file manager for future use. Each image would be named according to its size and social platform.



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Love this idea - would be great if images were able to be in portrait orientation vs landscape as well. We have multiple cropped versions of any given photo in our library and would make us more efficient if we didn't have to spend time editing dimensions! 

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Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

This has to be done. 

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Totally agree! It would be nice to crop the image right then and there, which would save loads of time switching between platforms.