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Dynamic Filtering using GraphQL in programmatic emails

It would be great to be able to use GraphQL to load dynamic content in email templates. 

For example, I have an Email that has be triggered by a deal in a workflow. In that deal is a custom object, lets say an Event. I would like the details of said event to appear on the email loaded via the triggering deal, and the Event ID in the deal and not by association.


{% set event =$id=

personalization_token('deal.event_id', '0')

) %}



In an e-commerce email triggered by a deal,  a list of related products based on filters created by line items in the deal. AKA "You may also like" or "Other customers also bought".


{% set relatedProducts =

filter: {product_category__in: ["pet food","flea treatment"]) %}




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Member | Elite Partner

Yes please!! 

Contributor | Elite Partner

This is critical for for building out more sophisticated email campaigns and solutions.

Contributor | Platinum Partner

+1, interested for the purposes of more easily querying the CRM with greater complexity rather than doing it with crm_associations and crm_objects functions, plus the 5 calls to crm_ functions per programmable email documentation is too limiting.