Duplicate Deals/Link Deals


I would like to bring up the idea to link deals or duplicate from one pipeline to another pipeline to trigger the workflow in the other pipeline. All notes, tasks, contacts, etc are duplicated into the other pipeline. 


Example: A deal that is in the sales pipeline has reached the deal stage "closed won."  The salesperson wants to hand over the deal to the customer success team, but not lose the deal value associated in the "closed won" column. The deal needs to be completely duplicated with all notes saved and moved to the proper deal stage in the customer success pipeline so the workflow can be initiated. 


I spoke with someone in the chat system and I was directed here so that I can express my request. 

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Agreed.  Great idea @MJZook 

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Hi @MJZook,


Thanks for posting!  We can accomplish MOST of what you are looking for here if you have access to deal-based workflows.  In a deal-based workflow you have an action that allows you to create a new deal.  When creating that new deal you can specify which stage of which pipeline you want this new deal to start in.  You also have the option to setup properties to be copied over.  So, we could setup a deal based workflow that enrolls deals once they have reached the "closed won" stage of your sales pipeline and creates a new deal and copies all of the properties that we want over, especially the closed amount.  This way the original deal that was closed still exists and can be reported on as being closed, and then we can continue the duplicate's through the new pipeline.


What we won't be able to do through the workflow is to associated or copy the notes from the first deal over to the second.  For something like that you may want to look into using our engagementes API to get the notes associated to the deal, and then that same engagement to copy those notes over to the new deal OR use our CRM associations API to set those notes to also be associated to new deal.  This is something that you would have to have some development experience in implementing, but for now is our only workaround.


Great suggestion

I'd love to see associated deals or deal ID transition over to the next pipeline too.


Also deal properties isn't working for me? What am I doing wrong?



We have a very similar use-case. We duplicate a Sales Deal into a Customer Success Deal pipeline. The problem is that both the Sales and Customer Success teams are working on the same overall sales deal but they have their own stages. Having everyone's stages in one pipeline is too much.


It would be SO HELPFUL if 2+ deals could be linked to avoid confusion,


We have the exact same use case. Being able to duplicate the deal in its entirety for a new pipeline would be super helpful!

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Hello all!


We have an app for duplicating deals (and coming shortly duplicating tickets and more)!




Let us know if you have any challenges, but hope this helps you copy deals quickly!


Hey @Daxchemist, I see your app is out.  Does it also link deals together?

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@BoringPerson do you mean to associate the deals together? Looks like by default one deal can't be associated with another, but I'd be curious to explore using a custom field that dynamically is filled based upon the original deal that was cloned.


Shoot me a DM, I'd be open to making this work for the community!


Yeah! and the option to duplicate tickets too.