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Due this week in Tasks

I took advantage of the opportunity to use the future Tasks view early, and one thing that I would like to see added back in is the "Due this week" option in the filters, or even better, the opportunity to look at open tasks between a date range. I often used that to quickly see how many more tasks I had ahead knowing that the later half of my week was busy or to determine if I could take a long weekend. The new view does have the ability to filter and look at the next 7 days, but that bleeds into the next week if I'm looking on a Tuesday for example. If you did develop a Tasks view that would let you filter by date range, that would also be helpful for enabling reallocation of tasks that are scheduled during a time where the user will be unavailable in advance, determining what needs to be moved up and what can be pushed back. I know scrolling ahead in future tasks allows that, but to have the ability to refine to a date range would simplify things.

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This is vital to my success in sales as some days I just don't get to a few things and don't have time to push them all to tomorrow. So much easier to just use the due this week view and work down the list. I live in tasks and have for more than 10 years and 4 CRM's. This is the first CRM I've seen that got rid of the weekly view. Even Salesforce has Due this Week as a view. 


+1 on this. Due this week was by far the view I used most so it's a big bummer that it was removed from the new task experience.



This is vital to the success of our agency in the Christmas crunch time. Need this view/option. 




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I am upvoting on behalf of my customer who has expressed a pain point in their workflow when looking at tasks due this week. Currently, our only option to work around this would be either:
1. Creating 2 views, one for tasks due last 7 days and next 7 days. 

2. Creating a view that you manually have to adjust the dates for on a weekly basis. 


Is the "Due This Week" tab something we could recover from our previous version of the task dashboard? Thanks!


@hchristian I don't believe it's possible to create views that automatically show tasks between a certain date range, per a conversation I had with support. Each task has to be manually added to a view. So, I don't think the work around options you mentioned are even possible. If I could save a view that dynamically filtered, and I had to update the dates once per week, I could live with that, but I don't believe that is even possible. If I'm incorrect in my understanding, please let me know.



is right. The workaround either don't exist or don't work. Come on, this "feature" is a simple reinstallment. It already existed! 


Please! A silly as it sound it was central piece to how I crafted my week.


Please bring this back!!! Also, let me know when you do.