Due date for Task: 1 business day

We auto create tasks when we assign leads to our reps. The default options are:

  • Tomorrow at a specified time
  • 2 business days
  • 3 business days
  • etc. 

It would be ideal to have a 1 business day option that would account for opps being assigned on a Friday or over the weekend. Hopefully this would also fix our problem of leads that come in at the end of the day, that get assigned with a task due at 8am the next morning, when reps actually have 24 hours to respond. 

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I work a lot on Saturdays. When doing so, I create a lot of tasks for my team to be due on Monday. It's a minor issue, but there is no easy way to make a task due "the next monday". The defaults are "Today", "Tomorrow" (which would be Sunday), and the next is "In 2 business days" (which makes it Tuesday).  So I have to choose a "Custom Date" every time. I would love to see a next business day.

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Agree - this menu is DUMB!!

DumbMenu.pngDUMB MENU