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Dropdown and hidden field options for Lead Flow's

Currently Lead Flows are limited to text only contact proprty fields. It is a great feature as it makes it extremely easy to add forms and CTA's across an entire site or multiple pages with little effort. For customers on the paid marketing platform, it would be awesome to take advantage of the current form functionality, including all field types, hidden, conditional and progressive profiling.

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Not sure why dropdown fields aren't allowed, as these would all be really useful to have. Here are a couple use cases we have encountered:


Blog subscribe options: On blog subscription lead flow, include a dropdown menu that allows the user to choose whether to receive Instant, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly blog updates when they subscribe.


One-question surveys: Create lead flows that have a question and a dropdown with possible answers to gather info about visitors. For example: How did you hear about us? What inspired you to donate today? How would you rate your overall satisfaction with ...?


dont forget us germans... we have this terrible "sie" and "du" difference. so we alwas ask for if the contact ist male or female because the first line in every email differs "sehr geehrte Frau" or sehr geehrter herr" so its essential that they have to choose when they subscrible as i really cannot get 4 students guessing names and genders. 


I am actually shocked that Lead Flows do not allow hidden fields.
This is almost an urgent matter for us.


We LOVE the Lead Flows, but we can't use them without being able to assign properties and UTM Parameters.

Please, try to implement this feature as soon as you can, HubSpot.


I found a workaround: 

I just included a new field in my workflow and ask for "Herr/Frau" and hope my click-sheeps will fill this out right. then I start a workflow where I look after this new field and set all the other properties right for the right gender. works 90% of the time. 


I am waiting for this feature. Currently using lead flow to subscribe people to my blog, offer a case study and other specific events. I need to be able to set hidden properties so I can run different workflows based on the leadflow that created the contcat. 


Leadflow are veryuseful and without this feature there is alot of access manual work that needs to be done. 


When can we expect to see this feature?


Being able to use drop down fields in lead flow would be very helpful. I would like to provide offers in my lead flow based on persona and need the drop down field to do this efficiently. 


This is really important to have. Hidden fields, ability to use an existing form in a lead flow, wider design options (text formatting etc.) - the current functionality won't let us do much with it.


Due to our source tracking setup with our CRM integration, we are unable to use the lead flows tool without the ability to add hidden fields. We would love to take advantage of this tool and hope to see this functionality available ASAP.


Hidden fields isn't just some "wouldn't that be nice" idea or feature we should be begging you for. It's a universal standard feature of forms. Anyone who understands marketing or data knows that hidden fields are necessary for capturing and storing campaign variables. Your lead flows are great, but completely unusable without hidden fields. Your efforts to over-simplify everything are backfiring. Simple is good with design and ease-of-use. Simple is terrible with features and options.


Just started using the pop-up forms for our site, but am finding that not allowing for hidden fields is hindering our ability to deploy fully. Please, please add this functionality, as we have a number of UTMs and lead source, lead source detail information that we rely on for attribution and data collection.


Yes agreed please add this functionality. I am finding that dependent fields are crucial for learning about new contacts even in popups - especially if it is the contact's first conversion on the website.


Yes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this. I have hidden fields in all on-page forms that capture lead source and lead source detail (eg, white paper X). This drive inclusion in several weekly marketing and lead gen reports - HOWEVER, all submissions from pop-ups are not included!!!!  Why this foundational form feature wasn't included in the original release is ludicrous. 


Please please add a silent field to the pop up form.

The leads are going into without ability to match them to an owner because we cant enter a field.


Yes please add this functionality.   We need hidden fields on pop-up forms!


I also am not sure why radio ones are not allowed. I want to add a simple yes/no question and I can't because it's a radio button type question. Please add this functionality!

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Hi HubSpot Community,


My name is Joe, I'm the Ideas Forum Manager. I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comments on this post. Your feedback really helps us build a better product.


I think this a great Idea! I'm happy to say we are currently reviewing this request and its feasibility. At this time I don’t have any details around timing or delivery, but all updates will be relayed on this thread.

I am changing the status of this idea to Being Reviewed as our team scopes out this work.



Any update on this feature? In order to track ad conversions, we need the form to be able to have the button go to a URL and also need to have hidden and dependant fields. 


Thank you


I was just looking to do the exact thing.  Thank you for thinking of it first and getting in the Hopeful Queue!