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Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting

There's no way to see the contacts that are actually opening, clicking, replying, and booking meetings on sequences. This report is currently only helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of a sequence but it does not allow users to take action from the report, or  understand the full picture of who is interacting with templates within the sequence. 


Users need the ability to click the % and see a list of the contacts that have opened or clicked the specific sequence.



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@glencornell, can we get an update from Product on latest developments and progress? Think latest update was a month ago.


Per you request, here’s our feedback on the reporting tied to opens/clicks.  Unfortunately, current state is well below what was requested.  We basically have to create the report and then click on each bar to see the info. and that’s way too many steps. Even then, it doesn’t tell us what the recipient clicked on, or what emails in the sequence they opened.  A simple example.  I send a nurture campaign with 5 emails to Matt.  I want to know that Matt only opened the 2nd and 4th email and that he clicked on the case study in EM2 and demo request in EM4.   


What we want it to do:

  1. Checkbox filters for each sequence name/ID – when typing names of sequences it does not work, even when I copy/paste
  2. Checkbox filters for sender of sequence – allow for multiple options rather than just one
  3. Breakdown of who clicked what link and how many times – as of now, we have to click on the individual contact to see their activity
  4. Breakdown of contacts from the same company that have clicked
  5. How many clicks each email in a sequence has
  6. A heat map of clicks would be really nice for each email in a sequence
  7. Easier date filters


P.S. Thx to my colleague @SiennaKozin who worked to test this for us and then id the gaps.  Pls. invite Product team to reach out to us directly if you have any questions.  You’re getting there, but you’re not there yet. thx.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community! 


I wanted to share another update on some of our progress and developments in improving the ability to find view contacts that are engaging with sequence emails through things like opens and clicks. This update is not in Beta, but will be soon! I know it's a little confusing due to the status of this Idea being "In beta" - this is because there are multiple features involved with the idea!


We will be adding some new reports in sequences, on a new Overview tab, with metrics that can all be drilled down into for more information. See this screenshare with details:


I will update here once this is in beta and available! We expect another couple of weeks before we'll have this ready. 





Will we see all the new data as such opens and clicks for historical data or will it only show for new contacts added to sequences once the update has been released?

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Commenting for a customer here!

Great to hear that the feature will be in BETA soon, do give us an update once it is up and running. Thank you!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community! Another exciting update, we now have a new "Overview" page in sequences that will give you a full explorable view of your sequences, the contacts enrolled in sequences, and the interactions like opens, clicks, replies and more. This is now in an open beta! If you'd like access contact your customer success representative or contact support to request access!


Explained more in this loom video:




This is nice. 

But an option to create a list of people will be good. 


Create a list of people who

-never opened

-never replied 

and add this list to a separate sequence. 


This is a must. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Community!


The most recent 'Overview' page is now live to all, so I'm updating this idea to delivered to avoid any confusion related to continuing to cycle this idea through betas.

This is not the end of our development related to this issue, so below I'll outline some of the next updates coming and 'Ideas" to follow.


Now, when you go to Sequences in the navigation, you'll land on an Overview page, with , clickable summary of all sequences data in a datawell report, and a list of 'top enrollments' based on clicks and opens across the entire portal in a second report. Both of these reports can be filtered by 'Sender', 'Status', 'Sequence', and 'Enrollment dates' and searchable by 'Company name'. We are considering this page a "minimum viable product" (MVP) , which means we still have plans to update the information shown in this Overview, and potentially the functionality of these reports. Some areas in particular that we think still need work include increasing the types of reports shown here, adding more options for customization, and the ability to take bulk actions from the contacts once you drill into a metric. I'm continuing to monitor comments here for feedback on this update as we consider improvements!


There is still a lot more work that needs to be done and is currently being prioritized in regards to Sequences analytics. Below I've outlined some of our next projects and top priorties in Sequences.


1. Improvements to sequences analytics on the individual sequence summary page

- I've created this page to track some updates we plan to make on reporting for the individual sequence page

2. Create a contact list from a sequence or sequences

- Next on our priorities will be the provide the ability to use sequence data when building lists and workflows

3. The ability to use sequence behavior in workflows

HubSpot Product Team


All data has been backfilled, so you'll see all the interactions prior to the update as well!


Yup - agree. 

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Would be *great* to see this by individual template. I can see all contacts who have clicked a sales email from the overview and what sequence they are/were in but not the exact template that they clicked.


I'm just commenting here because we all want this, we've been asking since at least 2019, there are multiple threads asking for the same thing in different words
... we thought that we were almost there in 2021 ... and in fall 2022 ... we're still begging for it!

We need the ability to make a list from the people who opened a sequence.

We need to be able to filter by sequence (or email subject line - I don't care!) - and select those people, and put them on a list.

The image that @glencornell  posted is great - it's almost there! But we need checkboxes beside the names (which were there for a bit, but couldn't be used and then disappeared).

For most companies - this is the low hanging fruit. These are the customers that will likely close. But we lose them! Because unless you're going in by hand ... and clicking on the names ... one at a time ... to open a new tab ... and then enroll them in a sequence one-by-one (which we sometimes do - super tedious!) - we can't recapture them.

I would imagine that for most small companies - this feature is worth a 2-5% revenue bump.

We've been waiting for years - please, please help us. This has hundreds of upvotes. I spent hours talking to support about this each quarter trying to understand if it's actually possible that we can't do this simple thing.

Please prioritize this.

I don't care how crappy it is. I don't care if it's a work around. I don't care if there are multiple steps. Whatever. We need this.

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