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Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting

There's no way to see the contacts that are actually opening, clicking, replying, and booking meetings on sequences. This report is currently only helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of a sequence but it does not allow users to take action from the report, or  understand the full picture of who is interacting with templates within the sequence. 


Users need the ability to click the % and see a list of the contacts that have opened or clicked the specific sequence.



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As a Hubspot user - this is the improvment feature I want to see more than any other on the platform. It honestly seems like a quick fix for your team, and it surprises me that it has not been done already considering the responses to this post. Hope this is something your team can address asap.


Just to clarify for the HubSpot Product team, it's critical that we not only know which contacts opened which email in a sequence, but also how many times,  as well as what links they clicked on (if any).  This is basic functionality required by Sales to  gauge interest and to be able to follow up with the contacts i.e. via phone, social media, email or other prospecting means.  Right now we're doing all of this manually i.e. going into each contact in a list to see what their level of engagement is and then tracking this on a xls that we share with Sales for follow-up.  Happy to share that with the product team if want to see what we're doing.  But it's painfully tedious.


Thanks, Gerard

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Remind me again to not expect granular information about who opened and who clicked on a sequence.  We just ran a sequence and received an open rate of 34% and a CTR of 4%.  This wasn't an academic exercise.  I want to know WHO those contacts were.  You can't.  This is a major fail on HubSpot's part, and no-one has been able to tell me why that simple functionality does not exist.  

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@DanielS02118 – this is what this idea is about; we know this is a product feature our clients want and it is being reviewed. Make sure you upvote the idea (shows support for it) and check out my post to give you a little more granularity on who those are that have opened your sequence emails


To echo Glencornell's post,


It would be very beneficial to be able to report on the contacts that are sent and engage with sequences. At the current moment, the sequence dashboard will display a high-level view of the sequence performance but does not allow the user to be able to drill-down into the individual contact engagement with timestamps.


Allowing businesses to drill-down into how their contacts are actually engaging with their content allows for better insights on how to improve sequences for future campaigns.


Tracking activity is a critical task for almost any Sales or Marketing professional. With sequences today, it's currently VERY manual and time consuming. PLEASE help us with more visibility on how they are performing!


@glencornell Are you able to give us an update on what is happening with this idea? Every time I check back there are more upvotes and more comments asking for this feature.


During a time when we are all struggling to keep afloat, data is an essential tool for our sales and marketing teams. Please help us!

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Hi Community! 


I appreciate all of your patience on this issue as we reviewed and planned in these past couple of months. There are several reporting updates we have planned that will be rolling out in the coming weeks and months, which will impact the following Ideas in the community:


We are in the progress of adding sequences to the custom report builder, which will allow users to create custom, sophiticated, "drill-downable" reports for sequences to be added to the dashboard and report library. In order to do this, we have been going through a long process of migrating sequences data to our reporting platform, which will begin to unlock more platform capabilities.


We then plan to also follow-up with new Contact properties related to sequences, which should give you the ability to filter contacts based on sequence enrollment, and based on engagements like "opens" and "clicks" within a sequence. We'll next be able to follow with new sequences-specific properties that will be accessible in Lists, Workflows, and Reports!


Finally, we plan to make some larger changes to the report that currently exists in the Sequences section of HubSpot. This will likely include updates to the report layout, and when completed will also include the ability to drill down into the contacts that have opened a clicked.


We are very excited and eager to work on these updates, and I will follow-up on this and the other ideas forums posts when we have more to share!





SO GREAT TO HEAR!  This capability, including being able to create list based on enrollment in SPECIFIC sequences is much needed...


That's fantastic! Can't wait to see it 


Very encouraging news. 😊 Looking forward to it. 


Thanks for the update, Glen! We're very excited and looking forward to it. 😊

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Thank you for the update, this is great news!




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YES! +1 - Not only only SEE them, but do something with them.  We can see a list of people who have viewed a sales document, for example, but cannot do anything with that list. Can't get to them with a workflow, can't export them or add them to an active list - nothing. Very frustrating. 


Any update on this, yet? @glencornell 


Yes please. We'd like this functionality as soon as possible. 


When you say this is "in planning", what is the timeline? Are we looking at next month or this time next year? We have to assume it's not happening for more than a year unless we hear otherwise — We're currently vetting other solutions because these are really deal-breaking problems for us (and other people, as it seems). 


Thanks in advance for sharing more details.


+1 need this ASAP. Is there an update on the timeline for this?