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Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting

There's no way to see the contacts that are actually opening, clicking, replying, and booking meetings on sequences. This report is currently only helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of a sequence but it does not allow users to take action from the report, or  understand the full picture of who is interacting with templates within the sequence. 


Users need the ability to click the % and see a list of the contacts that have opened or clicked the specific sequence.



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can you provide an update on this?


Thank you.




Yes, absolutely needed... Also need this click activity to be able to trigger workflows etc.


Hubspot please provide this reporting.  You already have the reporting solution within the Workflows emailing system. 


Show me who opened a sequence and how many times they opened.  Or make it available within contact filtering.  or add Open as a status in sequence reporting. 







This is more in response to your April 2020 post explaining the revamp that is coming to sequence reporting.


In addition for the sequence reporting to become more granular (which is amazing and much, much needed), it would be great if an API was created for sequence data. We use an external company to pull Hubspot data for reporting purposes and the lack of availability in sequence data entirely is extremely frustrating and has caused us to explore other CRM options. 


The data is there - I can click into any contact that is enrolled in a sequence and see the sequence email activity, so why would users now be able to extract this data? Hubspot has multiple APIs for contact data, but none for contact activity data - not sure why not.


Hoping this is done sooner rather than later before my team becomes unwilling to compromise with mediocre reporting and urges us to make a switch to a new CRM.


It's pretty crazy that the reports for sequences allow you to see your click and open rates, but not actually dive into WHO clicked and opened it. Since these are a sales tool, the sales team needs to know who is actually engaging with their emails, not those that reply to them. 


Hi development team,


It would be so much more helpful if you can add more functions to the sequence report page where we can either filter by status or click on every email in the sequence to see how many contacts and who opened emails and clicked the links. 

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@glencornell Ay news?


This has to be put in place.  If not I don't see much point to sending out emails to prospects this way.


We're officially well into the 2nd half of 2020. Where does this project stand to date?


Any update on this? We were looking to move a bunch of BDRs using a different tool to Hubspot sales pro and in a pilot stage.. I really am at a loss to sell this if there is no way to find who clicked or opened!! Can we at least know when this will be done?


Seriously this is a year and a half old suggestion!  Surely this is a priority for HubSpot.  The absence of being able to see number of opens and clicks in a reportable way, or sorting by greater than/less than opens/clicks is a basic function of any sales process!  Please help us!


This functionality would be an absolute lifesaver as a sales organization. Are we still set to have it completed sometime in 2020?


It has been radio silence from HubSpot since April 9th. This topic is continually growing as people attempt to use your tools and realize that the functionality that would appear as if it was standard does not even exist. As sales organizations, we rely on data to help us target the best leads and this just renders much of sequences useless. We need to know who is clicking on what and not monitoring every alert to find out, drill-down reporting is what is needed. Is anyone from Hubspot actually monitoring these forums?


Couldn't agree more, as a sales person or marketer the main thing we need to see is who opened our emails, and we want to be able to do this in each particular sequence as each sequence is unique and targeted, it's too general running a search on 'Currently in sequence' or 'Recent sales emails clicked'.

I want to be able to click the "open rate" and see who engaged and is worth following up with.

It's crucial information and something I would have expected Hubspot to already have, I'm quite surprised it doesn't.


Workaround - Track / Drill Down Into Sequence Opens and Clicks


1 - Create a property called Import List

2 - Bulk edit all the contacts in a single sequence (e.g. from Contacts -> Lists -> the list containing all contacts in a given sequence)

3 - Create an Active List

4a - For Opens: apply filters "Recent sales email open date is after" (after <day before date your sequence started>) and "Import List is equal to any of" <Name Of Your Import List>

4b - For Clicks: apply filters "Recent sales emails clicked date" (after <day before date your sequence started>) and "Import List is equal to any of" <Name Of Your Import List>


Want to exclude those who have unsubscribed? Add a filter for "Now in Sequence" (which is a default Contact property).


Limitation: If someone enrolled in a sequence opens (or clicks a link in) a different 1:1 tracked email ("sales email") from you, they would be captured as well; if you aren't sending emails to the relevant contacts outside of the sequence in question, this shouldn't be an issue.


HubSpot - Track Sequence Opens and Clicks WorkaroundHubSpot - Track Sequence Opens and Clicks Workaround


Is there an update on this? Drill downs to see contacts who opened the emails would be beneficial.

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Would like to be involved in beta please when available.


This is a great and necessary suggestion. The last update has been in April. Any news on the progress? Not sure why this is so hard to implement as an interim solution until you get the major update ready. 

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From what I've gathered in these comments, this idea appears to be quite similar to the one titled: Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting.


In both ideas, the goal is to be able to view the indivudal contacts that make up the summary reporting in sequences. For purposes of organization, and to increase the collective weight of both these concepts, I'm going to go ahead and merge these together, as from a product perspective,  I believe both of these problems should be addressed together.