Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting

We've recently added a break-down table with open and click reporting, but there's no way to see the contacts that are actually opening, clicking, replying, and booking meetings on sequences. This report is currently only helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of a sequences, but users want a report they can take action on and better understand the full picture. 


We need the ability to click the % and see a list of the contacts that have opened or clicked the specific sequence.



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So far, when analysing templates and sequences, it is not possible to see unique opens or clicks, or replies. For example, if email "X" gets sent to one customer, and that customer opens it twice, it counts as 2 opens and 200% open rate. Which is not accurate. Would be much more accurate if opens/clicks/replies were actually given in terms of unique count. So following the example, with a 100% open rate.

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This is very much needed for a Sales team to be effective with additional follow up. It looks like it's been in the 'in planning' since April 2019. Can we get an ETA on when this will go live or if there is a beta to check it out?

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Yes!  It is critical to understand exactly which contacts are engaging with the sales sequences.  Please enable us.  


Is there an update, timeline or beta on this feature?