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Drill-downs for Sequences Open/Click Reporting

There's no way to see the contacts that are actually opening, clicking, replying, and booking meetings on sequences. This report is currently only helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of a sequence but it does not allow users to take action from the report, or  understand the full picture of who is interacting with templates within the sequence. 


Users need the ability to click the % and see a list of the contacts that have opened or clicked the specific sequence.



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I would like to be able to see a list of which contacts have opened an email in a Sequence. Filtering exists for many other metrics, but not for opens. It seems to be an obvious need - after all, when you use a Sequence, it is only logical to want to know who opened them. The overall open rate statistics are nice, but to close deals, I need to know which leads are opening the emails.

Please add such a simple filter. Apparently it exists in the Marketing Hub, so why not in Sales?

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Opens with an added 'Currently in sequence' filter is similar to the 'Recent sales emails clicked' criteria shown.HubSpot Sales Pro View Filters: Recent sales emails clickedHubSpot Sales Pro View Filters: Recent sales emails clicked


Hope that helps.


Thanks for your answer. What I really want is a simple way to look at the results of a Sequence and see who opened that particular sequence. In other words, there shouldn't be a need to go back to Contacts. Since the Sequence shows the percentage of opens, why won't it provide a list of the particular emails that make up that percentage? Just doesn't make sense. 

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Can we get the ability to report on how many contacts a user has enrolled in a sequence? We want to build lists based off this kind of activity but there doesn't seem to be a way to surface this kind of information.

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This will be really helpful to see.  As a workaround for the reporting not being in existence yet, I've been using the following process:


1. Create a new multiple checkbox custom property for "Sequence Membership"

2. Assign all contacts imported or included in the sequence a value (title of sequence) for that property.

3. Enroll contacts and run your sequence.

4. Create a filtered contact view with the following filters:

    - Sequence membership is any of "[insert value for title of sequence]"

    - Recent sales email open date is after "[insert date sequence started]"


Then, you can see who has opened emails from your sequence.  Hope this helps someone.




Providing which contacts opened which email in a sequence, as well as what links they clicked on (if any), is basic functionality required by Sales to be able to follow up with the contacts i.e. via phone or other prospecting means.





I find the Hubspot reporting for sequence tracking useful. However, I would like to see who comprises the group of "clicks" in each email that goes out.




Your support team offered the following:


Currently there is not a way to create a list based off of contacts which have clicked on a link within a Sequence. In order to view which contacts have clicked on a link in the emails, this can be done by viewing the individual contact record, or by using your Activity Feed.


Seems very logical to view these since we are able to access open/clicks on single contacts. Can't believe this is not a functionailty yet it was first reported 2017? 

Please inform once this is completed. 


Yes please! We'd like to contact people that opened our emails but didn't reply...


Yes, please!!!!!


At the moment in the Sequence overview page, we are able to filter:

  • Enrolled, no response yet
  • Sequence ended, no response
  • Manually unenrolled
  • Contact booked meeting
  • Contact replied to email
  • Errors

but it is not possible to see which specific contacts have opened/clicked on emails in a sequence, only the generic open rate is available. It would be great to have these options.




At the moment the only way around would be to make a list where you use Recent Sales Email Open Rate is Known and Now in Sequence is True, but this won't be an efficient way to keep track as time progresses.


Or another workaround would be navigating to the contact records and examining the activity there in the Activity Feed.


Yes... please. Great idea. I'd use it. 


So far, when analysing templates and sequences, it is not possible to see unique opens or clicks, or replies. For example, if email "X" gets sent to one customer, and that customer opens it twice, it counts as 2 opens and 200% open rate. Which is not accurate. Would be much more accurate if opens/clicks/replies were actually given in terms of unique count. So following the example, with a 100% open rate.


This is very much needed for a Sales team to be effective with additional follow up. It looks like it's been in the 'in planning' since April 2019. Can we get an ETA on when this will go live or if there is a beta to check it out?


Yes!  It is critical to understand exactly which contacts are engaging with the sales sequences.  Please enable us.  


Is there an update, timeline or beta on this feature?   


Hello,  I hope some progress is being made on this,,, seems the thread has dried up.  This is a logical and desirable feature,,, being able to prioritize follow ups.   Hard to believe this is not already built in, esp given the interest and length of time it's been under cosideration!!!



Is there any update on this feature? It seems to be a huge oversight that this isn't available and is critical to being able to prioritise follow up.


Also, is the same being looked at for stand-alone email templates that aren't in a sequence? At the moment, there isn't even a way of drilling down on who has been sent a sales email template, let alone viewed, clicked etc. Thanks