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Drill Into Dashboard Reports to View Contacts

Currently dashboard reports show the total number of contacts related and you can't view who those contacts are without separately creating a list, or creating a variation of the dashboard report which isn't available for all report types (for example, it's not available for the funnel report).


It would be really helpful if I could just click into each funnel stage to see a view of who the contacts in each stage are. This would be helpful across all reports, not just the funnel, and would save a lot of time and duplication of work creating reports in the dashboard and cross referencing to find out who the contacts in question are by creating lists.


This is possible in other reporting tools such as InsightSquared, and I would love to see it available in HubSpot too. It would save a lot of time and vastly improve the user experience of the dashboard tool we've invested in!

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I'm working with a client that is highly frustrated by the inability to simply drill through to the underlying data - a feature that is expected in a modern database UI.  I have also used this feature in other tools.  I completely agree there are many dashboard components that would be tremendously more useful if we could click through to the underlying data.  Would give this 10 thumbs up if I could.

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Even as an interim solution it would be great to get the items in the chart linked into a view. Use the report filters on the view and add the one which is clicked.


Sounds like it wouldn't be the most difficult thing to hack in, then again, I could be very wrong. 😄





Similarly, it would be amazing to be able to see different types of reports in chart form for data that shows the NAME of each company without a count. For instance, I would love to be able to see a report within companies of which ones have events scheduled (a custom property we have) or a chart of different properties assigned. We'd also love to be able to see how contact with different companies has changed over time.


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In the new reports feature, I have no ability to click into one category to see the contacts listed.  For example, I generate a report that shows my new leads by lead source.  In the old reports, I used to be able to click on the number for each category to see the names in that category.  HubSpot - Click to View Contacts.pngI can't figure out a way to do this in the new reports, or from the dashboard, without just creating a new saved filter.



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