Drag-and-drop themes: ability to click into columns with negative margins


Use Case: Often times a design will include overlapping content.

How to replicate: You can do this with negative margins on a column, for example, but then it becomes impossible to click into that column in the page editor as it thinks you're trying to click into the section.


For example: in the below image the Column has a top margin of -160px and you can't click into it in the page editor (so the client will never be able to remove/edit that margin or any other spacing):


Drag-and-drop column with a negative marginDrag-and-drop column with a negative margin


You can replicate this in any theme by choosing a column and updating the negative margin - you will be unable to click into that column on the page editor for future updates.


Request: It would be great if there were still a way for the content to click into that column's settings directly on the page (e.g. it has a higher z-index than the section below) or from the "Contents" tab in the sidebar (by adding columns to that area).

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To build on this, would be great if "negative margins" from the DND UI were instead interpreted to use transform: translate.... in the compiled CSS so as to not cause layout bugs.