Drag and drop email editor - HTML Source Code Accessibility (for images)


I'm trying out Drag and Drop email editor for the first time. I generally like it, but would like to have HTML source code access for all elements again. It has it available for rich text, but not images. 


I'd like it for images so I can turn off image resizing (see link below). It's causes my pictures to be pixelated, so when it's really noticable, I turn it off. Another workaround would be if I had the ability to toggle image resizing on and off.




Thank you!

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HubSpot Employee

Definitely second this idea for the DnD editor - either giving access to the source code generally, or creating a noresize? toggle just for images. 

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This is a must! Please allow for source code. 

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I third this!

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I'd like to be able to create modules with no fear that Hubspot will add loads of HTML cruft to the template.


Marketo does this well where I can define variables and drag in the elements I need.


With Hubspot, as you're using a Python/Twig style template language, how about the ability to simply extend another layout? That way we can create a Drag and Drop template by specifying a base template and simply extend it with additional modules?


Currently, I can't create non-closed HTML for the header and footer as the Hubspot cruft that wraps it ruins the layout.

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This is definitely needed! The automatic resize function is killing my image quality, especially when I have two columns at desktop width and single column at mobile width.

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Would love to see the source code button as well. I do not use the DnD editor because of this. Designers need to be able to customize more than what is provided.

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I personally would like to just be able to set the default to high permanently, best case by user (for those few who don't get it). Given that there is a 'default' option, it would seem this is planned - but not yet executed.  I also noticed that even if you set an image to high - if you navigate away and return to the save message, it downgrades them again regardless and you have to do it all over again. And it seems to be worse all of a sudden.


This isn't a nice to have - and I have NO desire to add custom code each time I add an image. While that may have worked in templates - completely counterproductive in a drag and drop.  


Given the volume of hi-def monitors today - it is completely unacceptable to have my logos looking like this:

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 4.48.21 PM.png

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@ericahelmer Agreed! Our images rarely look the quality they should/are. (Not to mention on the 4k monitor) Smiley Sad


Completely agree we shouldn't have to code anything for an image to look professional/presentable! 

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I like the idea of HubSpot ensuring sizes are optimized for speed as my team sometimes uploads 2mb images because they don't know to resize them. However, as the admin and developer I need the ability to turn this off in the DnD editor. I would hate to go back to building the emails in the custom editor and having my team come to me all the time to fix things. Smiley Happy Thanks HubSpot! 

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For sure I'd like to have this opportunity. As an exemple, in the drag'n'drop editor, I cannot center an element vertically. I need it!Capture d’écran 2019-10-03 à 20.31.37.png