Drag and drop email builder - edit padding / don't wrap modules into columns

On my team I'm the guy who builds the modules so support can create emails with the drag and drop builder. I've run into a problem though. The new (still in beta) drag and drop email builder adds columns around the modules I've made. That's bad because it also adds padding / margin I don't want. The drag and drop editor is exactly what my company needs to empower other teams to create their own brand-consistent emails, except for the spacing is thrown off. I want to suggest two possibilites:

1) Don't require custom modules to be placed in Hubspot's column layout. For my custom modules I've already handled the layout.

2) Let us turn off all padding / margin on the Hubspot columns.


Thanks for considering.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Thanks @dsiglin, definitely agree with you here. We've a little bit of work ongoing with the beta drag and drop email editor, but this is on our radar and should be fixed up soon enough. Thanks again!