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Similar to the functionality for eDM templates, it would be great to have the option to drag and drop modules on landing pages. At the moment, if you want to delete or add to an existing template, you have to build from scratch or clone and even then, doesn't allow for flexibility for a one-off page. I'd like to use the template as a starting point and build the page up from there without having to build out too many templates. 

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I'd wish for that.

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Yes this is a great idea. The drag and drop editor on email is already great addition. 


If this were extended to landing pages it would be revolutionary. The design manager is fairly cumbersome to use especially when it is attached to stylesheets etc. It's hard to build beautiful clean pages without prior knowledge. 

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There are multiple things that are all related here.

First - what is possible today:
Landing Pages fully support Flexible columns. Flexible columns are a verticle space you can drop modules into, re-order them, etc from the page editor screen.
How to add them in Drag n Drop Templates

How to add flexible columns in coded templates


There is an active developer Beta for coded Drag n Drop areas in Pages/landing pages.This is not to be confused with drag and drop templates. It is a new functionality that enables marketers to drag and drop modules along 2 axis as well as some other customization options.

If you are a developer and wish to take part in the beta please join the developer slack and read the notes in #drag-n-drop-pages. This is an open beta, you do not need to request access. The slack however will have the latest up-to-date information in the event any functionality changes.

A developer focused talk was delivered during the HubSpot Community Developer Meetup this year during Inbound week. This may help you understand some concepts.


Again this is a beta, functionality and is subject to change at any time, see disclaimer in the link to the talk above. Thank you for participating, please let us know any feedback you have in the slack channel.

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Email drag and drop editor has been an awesome addition and big productivity booster - nice job!  Would love to see the same capability for building landing pages.

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I stand behind your wish and miss this dearly in today's hubspot solution. Email drag and drop now works very well - but the landing pages have a way to go.

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I love to learn when would the drag and drop functionality for landing pages be available for marketing enterprise users