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Drag-and-Drop for Document Attachments in HubSpot Email composer

Use Case:

Simplify the process of attaching documents to emails within HubSpot's embedded email tool by allowing users to quickly drag and drop files directly from their system explorer window.



Currently, the process of attaching documents to emails in HubSpot requires users to click on the attachment button and then manually browse their computer for the desired file. This method can be time-consuming and inefficient for teams that frequently send emails with attachments. To enhance user productivity and streamline the process, we propose implementing a drag-and-drop functionality, similar to Gmail, that enables users to attach files directly from their computer to the email composition window.

Key Features:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Attachments: With the new drag-and-drop functionality, users can easily attach documents to their emails by dragging the files directly from their system explorer window into the email composition area. This intuitive method eliminates the need for browsing and significantly reduces the time required to attach documents.

  2. Dual Drag-and-Drop Zones (needed for Images) :

    • Display in Email Body: When users want to have an image displayed in the email body, they can drag and drop the image anywhere within the email composition area, and it will be automatically embedded.
    • Attach to Email as File: In cases where users want the image to appear only as an attachment and not be displayed in the email body, we will introduce a separate drag-and-drop enabled zone, such as a designated button bar. By dropping the image onto this zone, it will be attached as a file rather than embedded in the email.


  1. Improved Efficiency: The drag-and-drop feature eliminates the need to navigate through folders manually, reducing attachment time and improving overall workflow efficiency for teams using HubSpot's email tool.

  2. Intuitive User Experience: With a user-friendly interface resembling familiar drag-and-drop actions from other platforms like Gmail, users will quickly adapt to the new functionality without the need for extensive training.

  3. Enhanced Email Communication: By facilitating quick and easy document attachments, users can focus on crafting their message and responding to clients and colleagues promptly.

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Yes, please! This would be a huge timesaver. There's lots of other ideas in the community forum with similar requests as well...


I can not agree more.


Would be great!


PLEASE Please please